Spoiler Room: A Cure for Wellness

I have the pleasure of joining my friend and noted movie pod-caster Mark "The Movieman".in his Spoiler Room to discuss the strange and beautiful film A Cure for Wellness. Check it out at Special Mark Productions.


FFR: 4 – Fahrenheit 451

Film Jerks own Paul Salzer brings the ARZ network a bite sized film review series based on his blog FORSAKEN FILM REVIEWS. This episode, he discusses Fahrenheit 451. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LIST… Source: FFR: 4 - Fahrenheit 451

Rating System Changed

For the last few months, I've been using a modified version of my rating system.  It's easier to remember, because the spells out the word, "scene". S is for Story.  This covers everything involving the plot. C is for Character.  This covers the players in a film, their backstories and their interactions within a film. … Continue reading Rating System Changed