Rating System Changed

For the last few months, I’ve been using a modified version of my rating system.  It’s easier to remember, because the spells out the word, “scene”.

S is for Story.  This covers everything involving the plot.

C is for Character.  This covers the players in a film, their backstories and their interactions within a film.  Acting also plays a part in this category.

E is for Execution.  I’ve move direction into this category and combined it with all the other technical aspects of film making.  Cinematography, editing, and special effects primarily fall under this category now.

N is for Nuance.  This shares a lot of elements with Execution, but how emotions are affected by the film.  This covers the tone of the movie, how well did the lighting affect the mood of the film, was the music right, and etc.

E is for Entertainment.  And finally, their is Entertainment.  How well did I enjoy the watching the film.  This is by fair the most subjective of my categories, but this a powerful indicator when gauging how well you might like the movie as well.



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