Rating System

As of 2/5/15, I replaced my original 5-point system with bow-ties, as bow-ties have become a rather signature look for me.  I also tweaked the tiers for clarity:

bow From 1.0 – 1.8  = hated it (Not worth watching)

2bows From 2.0- 2.8 = film was okay (Worth watching once)

3bows From 3.0 – 3.8 = liked it (Worth a repeat viewing)

4bows  From 4.0 – 4.8 = loved it (Worth collecting)

5bows 5.0 = My perfect movie (Worth buying again when format changes)

But rating systems are pretty much crap, right?  Wine drinkers, for example, know that tastes vary from drinker to drinker.  The most highly rated wines can taste like vinegar to someone.  And at the same time, the least popular varieties can become your favorites.  The same is true about movies.

So why even rate the movies?  Well, my hope is that I build a lasting and trusting relationship with my readers.  In doing so, you will become familiar with my likes and dislikes of any movie I review.  And if I remain consistent in those views, you should be able to say, “Oh, he rated that at a 4.  I remember that he rated a movie similarly and I enjoyed it, so maybe I will enjoy this movie too.”

Heck, you might love movies that I hated.  With that in mind, you should be able to look for movies that I rated poorly with confidence that you would enjoy them instead.  So yeah, that’s why I rate the movies.

In case you are wondering, I look at the following five things in movies.  This is slightly different than the one I originally started with, so you may see older reviews that don’t quite fit these categories.

STORY – Was the story written well?  Did it make sense?  Was its goal achieved?

CHARACTER – Are the characters interesting?  Did I feel for them?  How did the actors perform?

EXECUTION – How was the film technically (sound, special effects, stunts, camera work, etc.)

NUANCE– Like Execution, only this category involves more of emotions invoked.

ENTERTAINMENT – Did I enjoy watching the film?  Was there a “Wow Factor”?

About Me

The blog is maintained by me, Forsaken Ferret (Paul Salzer).  The opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own (of course).  I like horror, sci-fi and comic books and definitely have my own opinions on what I like.  This blog represents an attempt to share my thoughts with anyone else (maybe even to start a genuine discussion about films).

I’ve published articles in high school and in college.  I’ve maintained several blogs and websites under different pseudonyms, but work professionally in IT.  I am active on several podcasts and occasionally write fan-fiction.  In my spare time I also create three dimensional renders and work on photo manipulations to supplement my fan-fiction.

The postings here are not meant to upset anyone, especially those brave enough to put their heart, minds, and souls into the craft of storytelling and film making.  Again, they are strictly my opinions an what I liked or what I would have liked to seen in a particular film.

Mission Statement

The goal of this blog is to provide consistently rated reviews on past and current movies, both independent and studio produced.  I will focus my attention on those genres that I prefer to watch, which are horror, science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, and “geeky” films.

One thought on “About

  1. Its good to see a film writer explain their use of ratings and their criteria. This is important otherwise they are entirely impressionistic. I use a five-star rating system based on a film’s narrative coherance, emotional impact, cinematography, and overall significance as a cultural artefact. The ratings are relative to other similar films in the same genre. That last point is critical. Ratings help readers establish comparations and I do think they are worthwhile.

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