Here are links to some of my favorite movie related sites.  Contact me if you would like to recommend a site that isn’t listed here.

Special Mark Productions – The official home of the The Final Cut and The Spoiler Room.  You can also catch several extremely popular We Live Film reviews here.  Mark “The Movieman” is amazing!

Naked Hobo Productions –  Here’s where you can find B-Movie Bunker.  Expect a little of the unexpected here.

Astro Radio Z – Explore the quirky side of movies.   Explore everything from cult favorites to exploitation films.  You can also find the Film Jerk’s podcast here as well as releases from Rabid Child Films and ARZ.

Gonzoriffic films – Underground film making at its finest.

It’s Only a Movie Blog – How can you not love a movie blog with all your favorite categories and then also include ones like Haikus, Jim Henson, and The Muppets?

Moviocrity – Informative, witty, and fun.  Definitely a place to go for a look at both current and cult favorites.

22 Tiger Dude – Tiger power!  Zany, outrageous, and solid reviews.  Check out the latest from Tiger Dude.

Stuffed Burrito Entertainment – Big Gabe’s YouTube channel.  Honest and fun reviews of films, music, & games.

Cauwel3 – A YouTube channel for horror, science fiction, and fantasy films.

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