Spoiler Room Podcast – Look at the 25th Anniversary of “I Come in Peace” and “Class of 1999”

Here is the fourth episode in the Spoiler Room's "25th Anniversary" series hosted by Mark "The Movieman".  I had the great honor again of participating on the wonderful discussion panel of this fun podcast. For the month of May, The Spoiler Room recalls our thoughts and memories from the action films, I Come in Peace and Class of [...]


Zombeavers (2014)

With the exception of Jaws and Cujo, I've very seldom enjoyed a horror film starring animals, and would add that animal comedies are worse.  Despite this, I found myself watching Zombeavers tonight on Netflix. According their rating system, this horror-comedy had a low chance of my approval.  So not surprisingly, much of the movie made me [...]

After (2012)

After is an easily overlooked independent film directed by Ryan Smith about two strangers who survive a bus accident that find themselves the only inhabitants of their hometown.  This fantasy, suspense film is like a Twilight Zone inspired boy meets girl story. Many viewers will be turned off by its slow build-up and predictable premise.  [...]