Spoiler Room – Fortress (1992)

On January 18, I participated in the Spoiler Room Podcast’s discussion on the 1992 sci-fi prison film Fortress starring Christopher Lambert, Loryn Locklin, and Kurtwood Smith. You can find our discussion of Fortress at Special Mark Productions. Please note that it is created for mature audiences and (as the title suggestions) contains spoilers.  The Spoiler Room Podcast [...]


Spoiler Room – The Running Man (1987)

The year is 2017 and the United States of America is now a militarized police state after sealing off its borders.  The general population is kept pacified and entertained with over-the-top, sadistic television programming like “The Running Man”, where convicts are pitted against gladiators for a chance at freedom. Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in [...]

Spoiler Room – Sequels of 1990

On November 18, I participated in the Spoiler Room Podcast’s discussion on sequels from 1990. The panel discusses just a few of the sequels that came out that year as part of a 25th Anniversary of Movies series. You can find a recording of the episode at Special Mark Productions. Please note that it is [...]

Ant-Man (2015)

We were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Ironman.  Seven years later and we find ourselves once again following the adventures of a man in a high tech suit of wonder.  Ant-Man certainly returns us back to those early days of the cinematic universe, delivering the humor, excitement, and superhero wonder that we [...]

Spoiler Room Podcast – Total Recall and Darkman

On June 24, I had the pleasure a participating in a discussion panel of friends to talk about two amazing science fiction movies from 1990. You can find our discussion on Total Recall and Darkman at Special Mark Productions. Please note that The Spoiler Room Podcasts are created for adult listening.  As such, some strong language and [...]

Terminator Genisys (2015)

Who would have guessed back in 1984 that a line as simple as “I’ll be back” would turn out to be so prophetic?  Three decades later and we find Arnold returning once again to repeat those famous words on our movie screens. So it was with a high level of excitement, and an even higher [...]

The Spoiler Room discusses Jurassic World

I joined my friends at the Spoiler Room to discuss the recent movie Jurassic World.  Our discussion was informative, passionate, and diverse.  Please enjoy the podcast. You can find our discussion on Jurassic World at Special Mark Productions. The Spoiler Room Podcast is part of Special Mark Productions, which can be found at Special Mark Productions and [...]