Forsaken Five for Friday (20141121) – Top Time Travel Movies

When I was younger, my summers felt like they lasted forever.  But as an adult, days now seem to go by so quickly, except for maybe that last hour before the end of the workweek.  I often imagine myself going back to my childhood years.  But we can’t really go back, can we?  I might … Continue reading Forsaken Five for Friday (20141121) – Top Time Travel Movies

Spoiler Room Podcast – 80’s Apocalypse Films

Filmed last week, a bunch of us got together to have a round table discussion about our favorite Apocalyptic films of the 80's. The Spoiler Room Podcast is part of Special Mark Productions, which can be found at Special Mark Productions and on iTunes.

The Hospital (2013)

I truly wanted to like The Hospital.  I think it’s important to support independent film making whenever possible.  Unfortunately, this film really made me struggle to find what it wanted to be.  Is it a ghost story set in an abandoned hospital?  Is it a slasher film about a rapist named Stanley?  Or perhaps it’s … Continue reading The Hospital (2013)

Mercy (2014)

After Mercy becomes extremely ill, her daughter Rebecca moves her sons George and Buddy to care for her.  We learn quickly that George possesses strange abilities like his grandmother and his aunt.   These powers allows him to see and speak with spirits and also helps him find a mysterious Weeping Book that his grandmother had … Continue reading Mercy (2014)

My Top 5 Doctors (Five for Friday 20141107)

Doctor Who is a British science fiction show that has been around for over 50 years.  Its longevity comes from a clever plot device which allows them to change out the main character after a few years.  This process of regeneration or renewal allows different actors to play the Doctor.  And with each new actor, … Continue reading My Top 5 Doctors (Five for Friday 20141107)

Vile (2011)

2011’s Vile, directed by Taylor Sheridan, is a look-through-your-fingers movie about people made to torture one another in order to escape their prison.   It’s basically MTV’s Real World: Saw Edition.  The trapped prisoners find themselves early on with vials implanted at the base of their skulls.  These vials collect brain fluid which is supposedly produced … Continue reading Vile (2011)

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

In this installment of ForsakenFilmReviews, I look at The Taking of Deborah Logan, an American horror film from 2014 starring Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, and Michelle Ang.  The movie follows a film crew, headed by Ang’s character, as they document the life of Deborah Logan, who is battling Alzheimer’s disease.  But we learn that there … Continue reading The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)