Wondering about Wonder Woman in the Spoiler Room

This last weekend, I joined Dawn, Andrew, and host Mark in the Spoiler Room Podcast to discuss Wonder Woman.  We lasso many different topics this episode and power through some really tough questions at times. You can hear our thoughts at The Spoiler Room and listen to our discussion of Wonder Woman at Special Mark [...]


The Room hits Play on discussion Vol 2.

Last month, I joined Mark, Glenn, and Dawn in the Spoiler Room Podcast to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.,  How did this film compare to the original?  Is Marvel going in the right direction with this film? You can hear our thoughts at The Spoiler Room.  And you can find The Spoiler Room [...]

Ant-Man (2015)

We were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Ironman.  Seven years later and we find ourselves once again following the adventures of a man in a high tech suit of wonder.  Ant-Man certainly returns us back to those early days of the cinematic universe, delivering the humor, excitement, and superhero wonder that we [...]

The Spoiler Room discusses Birdman (2014)

Recorded on December 6th with the amazing folks of The Spoiler Room (SR), this wonderful podcast dives into the soaring hit that is Birdman.  The knowledgeable panel of reviewers at the SR were gracious enough to let me add my analysis of the movie.  Fun times indeed. You can find our discussion of Birdman at Special Mark [...]

Birdman (2014)

I’m disappointed that my local cinema is showing “Christmas Vacation” instead of “The Pyramid”.  I’ll either have to drive 1.5 hours away now or watch the movie on video eventually.  I hear I’m not missing much though.  I’m happy that my theater is playing “Birdman” this week.  it’s a movie that has slowly been building [...]