Forsaken Film Reviews – Is The Rezort (2015) just Jurassic Park with Zombies?

In my latest review, I look at a film whose plot bears some similarities to Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park; only this time the guests are hunting down the world’s remaining zombies. Story (2/5) – The Rezort comes to us from the writer Paul Gerstenberger and had the working title of Generation Z.  The film takes place … Continue reading Forsaken Film Reviews – Is The Rezort (2015) just Jurassic Park with Zombies?

Zombeavers (2014)

With the exception of Jaws and Cujo, I've very seldom enjoyed a horror film starring animals, and would add that animal comedies are worse.  Despite this, I found myself watching Zombeavers tonight on Netflix. According their rating system, this horror-comedy had a low chance of my approval.  So not surprisingly, much of the movie made me … Continue reading Zombeavers (2014)

Pontypool (2008)

This horror film directed by Bruce McDonald could easily find a place in my library of favorite zombie films...without actually being one.  Its creative take on the genre is recognizably zombie, but is still original enough to be uniquely its own breed of monster film. The story takes place in Pontypool, Ontario, and is based … Continue reading Pontypool (2008)

Dead Within (2014)

The aptly named Dead Within is not about zombies, but about survivors struggling to keep their humanity alive during the aftermath of the apocalypse.  Isolated and low on resources, Mike (played by Dean Chekvala) heads outside his fortified cabin each day to find supplies.  He leaves behind his lover and the mother of his child … Continue reading Dead Within (2014)

Dead Girls (2014)

“Dead Girls (2014)” is a recent horror anthology that shows audiences a twisted look at girl power.  For me, the key to any great revenge horror piece is building a connection between the audience and the victim.  This film achieves this, but there still remain those few missteps which prevent the film from truly becoming part … Continue reading Dead Girls (2014)