Terminator Genisys (2015)

Who would have guessed back in 1984 that a line as simple as “I’ll be back” would turn out to be so prophetic?  Three decades later and we find Arnold returning once again to repeat those famous words on our movie screens. So it was with a high level of excitement, and an even higher … Continue reading Terminator Genisys (2015)


Predestination (2015)

Is fate predestined?  Must we live out the roles given to us?  These questions are explored in the film Predestination.  As we prepare for Terminator Genisys later this week, I’d recommend adding this to your list of films to watch beforehand. Story (4/5) – The story was written by Michael and Peter Spierig, based on … Continue reading Predestination (2015)

Project Almanac (2014)

Ever want to go back to high school and change something important?  If only you knew then, what you know now, right?  Project Almanac follows a group of teenagers who suddenly discover the power to go back in time and do things differently. The movie is a bit of a time traveler itself, because it … Continue reading Project Almanac (2014)

Spoiler Room – The Explorers Flight of the Last Star-Navigator

The fine folks at The Spoiler Room podcast take a look at some of your childhood favorite science fiction movies: The Last Starfighter, Explorers, and Flight of the Navigator. You can find our discussion on these three films at Special Mark Productions. The Spoiler Room Podcast is part of Special Mark Productions, which can be … Continue reading Spoiler Room – The Explorers Flight of the Last Star-Navigator