The Room hits Play on discussion Vol 2.

Last month, I joined Mark, Glenn, and Dawn in the Spoiler Room Podcast to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.,  How did this film compare to the original?  Is Marvel going in the right direction with this film? You can hear our thoughts at The Spoiler Room.  And you can find The Spoiler Room … Continue reading The Room hits Play on discussion Vol 2.

Spoiler Room gets under Scarlett Johansson’s Skin

Last week, I joined Cole and Mark in discussing Under the Skin,  starring Scarlett Johansson.  What did we find interesting about this film?  Did we appreciate the film's nudity?  And what did it all mean to us? Find our thoughts at The Spoiler Room.  You can find The Spoiler Room and our discussion of Under the … Continue reading Spoiler Room gets under Scarlett Johansson’s Skin

Spoiler Room – Fantastic Planet (1973)

On March 22, I participated in podcast for Fantastic Planet, directed by Rene Laloux.  The story is about a distant future where humans are taken by an alien species called the Draags and treated like pets or pests. Listen as we explore the life of Terr and look at all the things that make this bizarre … Continue reading Spoiler Room – Fantastic Planet (1973)

The Spoiler Room discusses Jurassic World

I joined my friends at the Spoiler Room to discuss the recent movie Jurassic World.  Our discussion was informative, passionate, and diverse.  Please enjoy the podcast. You can find our discussion on Jurassic World at Special Mark Productions. The Spoiler Room Podcast is part of Special Mark Productions, which can be found at Special Mark Productions and … Continue reading The Spoiler Room discusses Jurassic World

Jurassic World (2015)

In some ways, Jurassic World is like the franchise itself.  After 10 years, we find attendance and memories of the park in decline.  In an attempt to keep the park viable and fresh, the people in charge have decided to create something new to bring interest back. The metaphor goes deeper though.  Let's look at … Continue reading Jurassic World (2015)

Zombeavers (2014)

With the exception of Jaws and Cujo, I've very seldom enjoyed a horror film starring animals, and would add that animal comedies are worse.  Despite this, I found myself watching Zombeavers tonight on Netflix. According their rating system, this horror-comedy had a low chance of my approval.  So not surprisingly, much of the movie made me … Continue reading Zombeavers (2014)

Chemical Peel (2014)

Last week I rented two DVDs.  And yes, not all reviewers watch films for free.  I was really stoked about seeing one of these films, because the trailer was phenomenal.  The other DVD was an independent horror film that I wasn’t sure about.  Strangely, after watching both films, the one I was really excited about … Continue reading Chemical Peel (2014)

Seventh Son (2015)

This movie is based on the first book in Joseph Delaney’s “The Wardstone Chronicles” (“The Last Apprentice” in the US).  Anyone hoping for an accurate retelling of “The Spook’s Apprentice” will be greatly disappointed, however, as the film deviates greatly from its source.  It does offer a decent fantasy with interesting transformations scenes, a few … Continue reading Seventh Son (2015)

The Spoiler Room takes on Tremors

Can you believe that Tremors is 25 years old? GET OUT OF YOUR PANTS, folks!  The Spoiler Room blog brings together its wonderful panel of critics, reviewers, and film makers to discuss this quirky film from 1990.  We also look at the Fantastic 4 trailer and the upcoming Ghostbusters. You can find our discussion on … Continue reading The Spoiler Room takes on Tremors

Age of Tomorrow (2014)

After my near meltdown with Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark last year, I decided to give The Asylum another look.  And I know I shouldn’t have, but I decided this next attempt based primarily on the cover artwork. The image of what I thought was Kelly Hu (with dark, mirror-like eyes and a face resembling … Continue reading Age of Tomorrow (2014)