Spoiler Room gets under Scarlett Johansson’s Skin

Last week, I joined Cole and Mark in discussing Under the Skin,  starring Scarlett Johansson.  What did we find interesting about this film?  Did we appreciate the film's nudity?  And what did it all mean to us? Find our thoughts at The Spoiler Room.  You can find The Spoiler Room and our discussion of Under the … Continue reading Spoiler Room gets under Scarlett Johansson’s Skin


Forsaken Film Reviews – Is The Rezort (2015) just Jurassic Park with Zombies?

In my latest review, I look at a film whose plot bears some similarities to Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park; only this time the guests are hunting down the world’s remaining zombies. Story (2/5) – The Rezort comes to us from the writer Paul Gerstenberger and had the working title of Generation Z.  The film takes place … Continue reading Forsaken Film Reviews – Is The Rezort (2015) just Jurassic Park with Zombies?

Compliance (2012)

Stephen King once said, “Monsters are real…They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” This statement popped into my head while I was watching Compliance.  I also wondered if it was possible for a conscientious person to perform outrageous acts on another simply because someone of authority ordered them to.  At what point does an … Continue reading Compliance (2012)

A Blood Story (2015)

I’ve decided to structure my future reviews to follow my rating system better.  For more information about that system, please look at my About page.  So let’s take a look at A Blood Story. Story (2/5) – The story centers around Madison Sheffield (Mindy Robinson), who was a model before her husband disfigured her.  With … Continue reading A Blood Story (2015)

A Haunting on Gabriel Street (2012)

Out this week on rental is an independent film called A Haunting on Gabriel Street.  Any background on this title was difficult to find considering that it was original released under the name of The Sigil. The movie was written by Nathan Dean Snyder and Brandon Cano-Errecart.  Snyder performed double duties as writer and actor.  … Continue reading A Haunting on Gabriel Street (2012)

Episode 50 (2011)

The premise of this story was intriguing—have two investigative teams look at the same haunted location. One group attempts to debunk the paranormal, while the other believes in the supernatural.  The story basically bounced back and forth between these groups until their investigations converged on a haunting revelation. Episode 50 came out when movies were … Continue reading Episode 50 (2011)