A Good Marriage (2014)


A Good Marriage is a reasonably faithful adaption of Stephen King’s novella, showing us that the scariest monsters are those we expect others to be and those we ultimately can become.

The film follows the seemingly uneventful life of Darcy Anderson (played by Joan Allen).  She has been happily married to her husband Bob (played by Anthony LaPaglia) for twenty-five years.  In all that time, she never suspected her spouse was hiding a dark secret.  But when she accidentally finds some strange items hidden in the garage (included sadomasochistic magazines and some personal items from a recently murdered woman), Darcy suspects Bob has been leading a double life.  In fact, she thinks he might actually be the serial killer “Beadie”.

Allen did a fine job in the role of Darcy Anderson.  I enjoyed the transformation her character took through the story.  She starts out as an innocent, loving wife at the beginning and becomes a strong, almost scary individual by the end.  One could easily see why the investigator in the story assumed that the married couple, and not just Bob, was the serial killer “BD” (a play on the characters’ first initials).

Just a warning though, this story is very much a straight up thriller.  There are no ghosts or demons to explain away the characters’ actions.  They are all motivated by human nature.  And as such, we are meant to see ourselves in Darcy and Bob.  It is saying that any one of us could know a Beadie.  Any one of us could be a Beadie.

Those of you expecting some type of slasher film will be disappointed with A Good Marriage.  Additionally, anyone looking for a mystery or possibly some type of twist ending will not find it here either.  But if you enjoy dramatic after-school type specials which are slightly warped through the prism of Stephen King’s imagination, then this movie is a good match for you.

I give this film a 2.0 out of 5.



2 thoughts on “A Good Marriage (2014)

  1. I really liked this novella, and was actually tempted to see this movie (this is rare for me, I’m not a big fan of movies in general, and especially not a fan of movies based on books because I almost always hate them)—but if it’s only a 2/5 then maybe I’ll skip it.

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    1. I agree with you. Great written stories are difficult to get just right as a movie. Somehow, the nuances that make the story interesting and lovable get lost in the translation to the screen. Like the director tweaks something just enough for you to notice or an actor gives just a slightly different interpretation of the character. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it annoys you completely.

      I know a few Stephen King fans that felt that Bob wasn’t being played correctly in this film. Though Anthony LaPaglia did a decent performance, I would agree that it wasn’t quite the character I had envisioned on the pages.

      Thank you for your comments and I hope to hear from you again.

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