Horns (2013)


Horns is a predicable yet satisfying film which explores the inner demons within us all and the concepts of good and evil as we discover the truth behind the rape and murder of the main character’s late girlfriend.

Based on the Joe Hill book of the same title, this watered down version of the novel is still delightfully refreshing, with outstanding performances by the entire cast.  Particularly noteworthy was Daniel Radcliffe, who brings forth a very mature and believable character in Iggy Perish.  Juno Temple as Merrin (his girlfriend) was also lovely.  Her performance radiated a beauty beyond the physical.

Honestly, I expected this Alexandre Aja film to be more like Jennifer’s Body, but I was happy to find that it was not another body-transformation-evil-revenge story.  Instead, I found it to be a drama about managing sin, a dark comedy that was genuinely humorous to me, and a romance that didn’t make me gag.  The only complaint that I had with the plot was just how obvious the outcome was.

Ultimately the film isn’t about the mystery.  It truly shined greatest in the scenes where Iggy was learning about his dark gift or power.  My favorite scenes were those where Iggy was discovering how others reacted to his change and about learning what dark desires they hid from one another.  I also enjoyed how the film played with imagery of fire, snakes, apples, and pitchforks.  These details are what made the film funny and enjoyable to watch.

I give this film a 4.25 out of 5.


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