The Device (2014)


This film is about two sisters (played by Angela DiMarco and Kate Alden) brought together after the death of their mother.  Near their family cabin, the sisters find an alien device shaped like a black croquet ball.  After a series of strange nightmares, one of the sisters (named Abby) learns that she has become pregnant, presumably because of the device.  This mirrors an earlier encounter that her sister Rebecca had years before.   To make matters worse, it appears that the device has also affected Abby’s fiancé Calvin (played by David Hogan), but in negative ways.

Unfortunately, this film was marketed toward a different audience and will probably result in poor reviews for an otherwise decent film.  From the cover, I expected something like Species.  And halfway through the film, I had shifted toward hoping to see a story that dealt with the fears of pregnancy, or possibly one about how people change in the aftermath of someone being raped.  I think both topics, told through the lens of science fiction or horror, would be interesting to watch.  But instead, this film delivers yet another typical alien abduction story and pretty much stayed true to that direction.  Though I enjoyed the interaction between the sisters and felt they acted well together in their scenes, it was not enough to keep this film from dragging, especially after having most of my expectations unfulfilled.  Honestly, I would have much rather read this story than watched it.

If you are a science fiction lover, add an extra rating point to this film.  Otherwise, I give it a 1.5 out of 5.



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