Vile (2011)

2011’s Vile, directed by Taylor Sheridan, is a look-through-your-fingers movie about people made to torture one another in order to escape their prison.   It’s basically MTV’s Real World: Saw Edition.  The trapped prisoners find themselves early on with vials implanted at the base of their skulls.  These vials collect brain fluid which is supposedly produced when the body experiences extreme pain or is in trouble.

The torture scenes are very Hostile inspired and certainly made me want to turn away at times.   Fans of torture porn probably would like this story, but it definitely is a pass for straight-up horror fans looking for traditional scares and frights.

The acting was done quite well in this film, with believable characters all around.   Maya Hazen, who played Tara, stole the show for me though.  Her mean girl persona made you really hate her character, but in a good way.  Fans of the band Tool will probably notice a cameo by Maynard James Keenan as well.  Ultimately, I enjoyed seeing how each character reacted to the situations differently, with some honorable and some being darn right selfish.

Again, if you are into the genre of pain horror, this film is worth watching at least once (scoring 2 points on my scale).  But those of you that a squeamish about such things; you should probably avoid this movie or at least watch it with one eye closed at the gory parts.



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