Hello Everyone

Welcome to my new blog.  A while ago, which seems like a lifetime away, I used to write a blog under the name of Forsaken Ferret.  It was a tongue-in-cheek look at daily life and random interests told through the voice of someone with a very short attention span.  My friends and I call people like this “human ferrets”.  Anyways, Forsaken Ferret sort of stuck with me, so I’ve decided to continue my blog writing under this name.

But instead of focusing on daily activities again, I would like to look at something more specific.  You see, lately I’ve become very interested in films (ranging from B-rated horror and science fiction to superhero blockbusters).  As such, I thought I would rekindle my love of blog writing and launch something devoted to looking at such films.

I hope you will enjoy this little adventure with me.  I want our journey to be interesting and rewarding.



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